Unirii Street 59 ,Block F2, Sc. 2, 1 Floor, Ap. 35,
Sector 3, Bucharest, Romania.
Tel/Fax: +40 21 3227305
Mobil: +40 744 536511


BEST DELIVERY Impex S.R.L. was founded in 1997.Best Delivery focused the begining on providing high-tech
solutions in the IT area.We providing integrated IT solutions, internet solutions, network solutions, sell our integrated
computers and servers based on INTEL and AMD ,sell computer parts ( cpu, memory, hdd, monitors ,touchscreen monitors,video-cards,wireless products,...), sell brand computers and servers ( HP,IBM,Compaq),  notebooks( Dell HP,Compaq) , sell major type of printers and copiers .

The company's professional activity makes it the perfect partner for:
  • IT Solutions - complex software applications and services; custom software development 
  • Value-added distribution of high-tech products
  • System integration - IT&C Infrastructures - including hardware, networking, power back-up and software products and services
  • IT Consulting - offering consultancy in designing complex projects, support for systems installation,
    configuration, remote administration, authorized service,


The Bestís team is formed by a group of proficient employees well trained in important Romanian IT companies,
ready anytime to meet your needs. Due to the large experience in developing and projecting informatics systems based on Internet infrastructure, we can offer you right now high quality IT services at a competitively prices. Having a
strong partnership with important companies from adjacent fields of activity-software producers, large IT distributors
we are capable to offer you hard-soft integrated and completed solutions no matter your domain of activity.       



BEST DELIVERY considers good communication network essential for it's functioning, and has invested significantly in its communications infrastructure:

  • PSTN Connectivity (2+ lines)
  • Email/ Internet access to all employees
  • 128KBPS Leased line links eventually to be enhanced to 1 MBP
  • ADSL lines 



  • High end servers
  • 10+ workstations. More than one workstation per employee
  • Leased line links - 128KBPS
  • Full featured, professional corporate Internet connection, with full access for all employers.
  • Well equipped target hardware labs
  • Host of analyzers, simulators and protocol testers



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