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I-pen Mouse

What would happen when a traditional pen combines with advanced optical technologies? You get a very unique input device that is truly made for everyday life. i-pen is an input and writing device that looks and feels like a natural pen. Unlike the stylus pen for PDA or tablet, however, i-pen can be freely used on any surfaces. With i-pen you can do more work in natural manner, such as free handwriting, which was previously impossible with conventional input device.

I-pen mouse is a pen mouse that input data with natural writing style into a PC. i-pen mouse is made with advanced optical navigation technology. It is more light and stable than regular mouse and enables a detailed work. i-pen mouse has a "mouse mode" for point-and-click operation of the traditional mouse and a "pen mode" for natural writing and creative drawing. It can be used without specil pads like tablets and can be used in a narrow space. It is a convenient input device from children just starting to learn how to use computers and the elderly for whom learning to use the computer is difficult.

Presentations and lectures
Also, while you are doing a presentation with Microsoft PowerPoint™ you can write your comment on the fly and grab the attention of audience. Because i-pen requires very small work area, for business people who have to deliver presentation at a small podium it is a great presentation tool. For teachers and lecturers it is a perfect replacement to overhead projector with foils. Combining projector, i-pen and presentation software is the best way to interact with audience and keeping them well directed.

 Writing on web pages.
i-pen Mouse comes with Web-Memo, a software that let you write a note, even, on top of web pages. When the site is revisited, the note will show on screen again. For web developers, It is great way to communicate your ideas and review the design. 

I-pen Mouse is a great instrument for Kids when they first learn the computer. Instead of mouse, let them use i-pen Mouse with drawing programs. Kids will experience computer with i-pen to show up hidden creative talent.



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