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Kiosk and ticket printers

Customer applications where these products are used include ATMs, recycling machines, multimedia kiosks and public transportation ticketing systems. We offer innovative solutions and customized products with high performance and quality to make your company's services faster, more reliable, more flexible and more cost efficient.

The printers are fast, reliable and versatile for both Windows and other computer systems. Your receipts can now use all the grafics and font capabilities available in Windows. Furthermore, with a print speed of up to 100mm per second there are no limits to receipt design.

The printers have an integrated control board. When connected via parallel or USB interface, the printers are Plug and Play compatible with Windows 95/98/ME and NT/2000. You can also adress the printers directly from your kiosk software in text mode.

We have afull range of kiosk printers :

  • 58, 80, 112, A4 & Letter paper widths ,
  • 100 mm/s maximum print speed
  • Windows Plug and Play
  • Loop presenter
  • Flip-up print head
  • Retract and retain
  • Parallel, USB and Serial interface

The thermal ticket printers are available in a wide variety of versions, either with or without magnetic encoding.Both types of printers are available in both desktop and OEM models, the OEM models being the ideal choice for ticketing kiosks.
We can also supply a wide variety of options and accessories as well as specialist advice regarding installation of ticket printers.

The TTPM2 model issues documents with magnetically encoded data and direct thermal imprinted information for use in ticketing and many similar applications. Many versions including front load and card dispenser models.

The document size ranges from standard credit card size (54 x 86 mm) to 54 x 110 mm.

One side of the document is available for thermal imprint of normal characters, graphics, and bar codes. On the reverse side, information can be magnetically encoded on one or two magnetic tracks according to ISO or bit-bit standard. High or low coercivity with 75 or 210 bpi.Read-after-write and automatic cancellation functions are included.
The print speed is approximately 100 mm/second.

The CPM 2030 ticket printer is a high-speed device for direct thermal printing of admission and event tickets printed on paper or cardstock. The printer has a built-in cutting device for separation of tickets. The CPM uses the same high-performance thermal print head as model TTPM2 printer/encoder.


Loop presenter :

The printer mechanism prints and feeds the paper into a presenter module. The feed rollers of the presenter rotate slowly, catching the receipt as it approaches the output. An output sensor detects the receipt and immediately stops the outer feed rollers. The ribs in the presenter have now bent the receipt slightly upwards. This initiates the loop buildup, and as more of the receipt is printed, the loop expands. Kiosk designers have complete flexibility as to receipt length.

When the receipt is printed, the cutter cuts it off and the presenter outputs the receipt to the customer. The application software can be set to eject the receipt, or to hold it in the outer feed roller until the customer picks it up. An optional shutter prevents vandals from inserting foreign objects into the receipt outlet from outside of the kiosk.


Application :


  • Cash Withdrawal and deposit machines
  • ATMs
  • Banking kiosks
  • Internet banking
  • Transaction logging

Information kiosks

  • Job searching kiosk/terminal
  • Internet kiosk
  • In-store kiosk


Receipt and coupon

  • Gas pumps
  • Vending machines
  • Toll booths



Public transport
  • Rail ticket
  • Bus ticket
  • Total ferry ticket solution

Event ticketing

  • Fairs
  • Exhibitions
  • Ticketing kiosks

Access Control

  • Hotel
  • Ferry
  • Corporate security
  • Parking



Product/Pricing Information
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