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Tablet PC touch - New series under 1000 USD

Genuine new tablet PC  series is engineered to combine the most natural way of data input with full function windows-based PC. With easy-to-use handwriting system, users can take notes, write memos and messages, draw pictures or sketches, sign signatures, or even just doodle the way they do with a pen. Tablet PC new series measures only 2.5cm (0.98in) thin and weighs merely 1.18kg (2.6lbs). The built-in digital camera and 4-in-1 card reader provides superior and versatile digital image capturing ability. New series designs with full consideration of people's most occasions and practical computing needs

Perfect portable design

-8.4 inch SVGA Digitizer display

-Processor: Transmeta Course™ 800MHz

-O/S: Powered by Windows XP Tablet Edition

-Stylus included

-Memory: max 512 DDR RAM

-Battery: up to 3 hours battery life

-PC camera: bulit-in CCD camera 600x420 for video conferencing

-Internal 802.11b Wirless Lan

Tablet PC new series is just 1.18kg (2.6lbs) light and 2.5cm (0.98in) thin and easy to go to a meeting, get on the bus, take a walk, eat in the restaurant 24 hours a day. It is close to the size of B5 paper and comparable to the size of a paper notepad, which adds its high portability.

The built-in digital camera has 300K resolutions to make it ideal for video conferencing and allows pictures, images to be captured and stored.

The built-in 4-in-1card reader enables to access a large quantity of digital images as well as other files easily and quickly, as it serves as another expandable storage device.

Along with the optional wireless LAN module, both voice and images can be transmitted and received easily and quickly.

Innovative USB keyboard module easily converts Tablet PC into a full function Notebook. The special designed magic jacket combines the Tablet PC and keyboard module into one portable set for easy traveling.

Lightweight and compact optical drive gives users the freedom to bring CD or DVD with them everywhere they go.

Longer duration battery pack removes the need for an AC adapter, while giving users sufficient power supply to suit all needs.







Launch Date

September 1, 2003


Transmeta Crusoe 800Mhz


Digitizer 8.4" SVGA TFT LCD

Supported O/S

Windows XP Tablet Edition


Default 128MB maximum up to 512MB
One DDR 226 SoDIMM Socket on board


ATA Hard Drive 20GB/30GB/40Gb/60Gb


on-board LAN / Chipset 10/100 Ethernet
Internal Modem Type/ Spec 56K V90
Internal Wireless LAN spec 802.11b

Interfaces (Ports)

Two USB 2.0 port @480 Mbit
One VGA out port
One headphone output and microphone input
External Modem 56kbps V90- RJ11 port
External 10/100Base T- RJ45 port


External USB Keyboard with Touch Pad


Up to 3 hours


Net 2.6 lbs.

Included Accessories

AC Adapter Max Output 50W
Deluxe Jacket
1 x pen tip clip and 2 x pen tip replacements
2 x AAAA Battery for Stylus Pen
Driver CD

Optional Items

Longer Duration Battery Pack, over 5 hours
External USB optical drive CD/DVD/Combo


Product/Pricing Information
Please contact for pricelist and more information.



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