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  Lightweight and Compact FPD Touch Monitor Solutions
Make room for additional merchandise or desired work space with MicroTouch™ Flat Panel Display (FPD) touch monitors. Ideal for space-constrained environments, their slim profile requires less desktop space than traditional CRTs of the same screen size while offering more viewable image area. Cool running and energy efficient, MicroTouch FPD monitors are available in 12.1" , 15" and 17" sizes and are UL, FCC, and CE compliant.
  Economical and Reliable CRT Touch Monitor Solutions
MicroTouch™ CRT touch monitors provide solutions for a broad range of applications including point-of-sale, hospitality, and retail. An economical choice compared to FPD touch monitors of the same size, our CRT monitors bring you a reliable, highvalue touch solution. MicroTouch CRT monitors offer integrators the size options and touch technology needed to meet their customers' needs. Available in 15", 17" and 19" sizes, these touch-enabled monitors are UL, FCC, and CE compliant. More....
  Slim design is conducive to sleek kiosk design trends
ChassisTouch FPD touch monitors from 3M Touch Systems are designed for easy integration into kiosks, industrial enclosures and other installations where compact, touch-integrated displays are preferred. ChassisTouch FPD monitors offer a more compact enclosure, better optics, lower power usage, longer life and less heat generation than traditional CRT chassis monitors. These slim profile monitors are used in many different applications, from light industrial to point-of-sale devices to voting machines. More...

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