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    Chassis LCD Touchscreen Monitor
  Slim design is conducive to sleek kiosk design trends
ChassisTouch FPD touch monitors from 3M Touch Systems are designed for easy integration into kiosks, industrial enclosures and other installations where compact, touch-integrated displays are preferred. ChassisTouch FPD monitors offer a more compact enclosure, better optics, lower power usage, longer life and less heat generation than traditional CRT chassis monitors. These slim profile monitors are used in many different applications, from light industrial to point-of-sale devices to voting machines.
  When design space is limited, the slim metal case of the ChassisTouch FPD touch monitor is ideal. Back-mounted display controls are accessible even with the monitor sitting flush with the face of the enclosure, improving the aesthetics of your integration.

  Making the Difference
The ChassisTouch FPD touch monitors are available with MicroTouch(tm) ClearTek capacitive touch screen technology. Capacitive technology has a proven track record of durability and reliability in heavy usage applications. A ClearTek sensor with Industrial (C) Etch has been tested in a laboratory environment to withstand over 225 million mechanical touches without noticeable degradation to the surface.*

For applications that require input flexibility, including gloved-hand use, 3M Touch Systems offers 5-wire resistive touch screen technology on ChassisTouch FPD monitors. 5-wire resistive technology has been tested in a laboratory environment to withstand 35 million mechanical touches without noticeable degradation to the surface.*

* Mechanical touches for capacitive were tested on a single x,y location and for resistive were tested on a single 1cm location, each using a finger-like stylus of 45 durometer, "A" shore hardness, 0.5 diameter with a load of 0.46 pounds, +/- .01 pounds of force.

  • The touch screen of choice for Public Access applications requiring high levels of durability and reliability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Bezeled or non-bezel option offers flexibility of integration
  • VESA-mounting hole pattern on the back allows for arm mount capability
  • Robust metal enclosure provides mounting stability and protection for the FPD display


  ChassisTouch Touch Monitor Data Sheet
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