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  Wi-Link Access Point and Lan-to-Lan Bridge
Based on IEEE 802.11b, wireless access points provide a cost effective way for mobile users to connect to their corporate Ethernet-based LANs. With the slick Windows-based user interface designs, corporate IT specialists can easily deploy and manage wireless access points in their environments. In addition to corporate uses, wireless access points are for applications in public places such as airports, hotels, fast-food restaurants, etc. People with mobile computers can use services offered by access points within these areas to connect to the Internet with virtually no effort.  More...
  Wi-Link Broadband Router
As broadband Internet access through DSL or cable becomes more of a commonplace than a novelty, the needs of home users and small business users to share a broadband Internet connection are surging. It's quite obvious that for these kinds of users to build a wired network for sharing the connection is difficult. Our Wireless Broadband Internet Router series are aimed at penetrating this market. In accordance with his or her demands, a user can choose an appropriate model to share an DSL, cable, V.90, or ISDN connection.  More....
  Wi-Link PCMCIA ,Compact Flash card ,USB adaptor
The IWE200C/IWE225C/IWE100U/IWE100X is a wireless card that is IEEE802.11b compliant. Based on 2.4 GHz Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) technology, the 11 Mbps delivers outstanding throughput and is interference resistant. The wireless card is targeted at users with PDAs/Notebooks/Desktops that want the convenience offered by connecting to an existing WLAN without wires. The IWE200C/IWE225C supports Microsoft Windows CE 3.0 as well as Windows 2000/NT/Me/9x.  More...

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