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  Wi-Link Broadband Router
As broadband Internet access through DSL or cable becomes more of a commonplace than a novelty, the needs of home users and small business users to share a broadband Internet connection are surging. It's quite obvious that for these kinds of users to build a wired network for sharing the connection is difficult. Our Wireless Broadband Internet Router series are aimed at penetrating this market. In accordance with his or her demands, a user can choose an appropriate model to share an DSL, cable, V.90, or ISDN connection.
  • Self-Test. The Wi-Link broadband router can diagnose hardware problems by itself at start-up time.
  • Configuration Reset. Resetting the configuration settings to factory-set values.
  • Internet Connection Sharing,DSL/Cable,V.90/ISDN Modem Support.
  • Printer Sharing (IWE1200A),Firmware Upgrade,Management and more...

  Usage Models
We have several models, IWE1100A-1, IWE1100A, and IWE1200A for specific needs.  

  • 2-way router with an ADSL or cable modem (IWE1100A-1)
  • 3-way router with a V.90 or ISDN modem (IWE1100A-2)
  • 3-way router plus print server (IWE1200A)
  • 3-way router (IWE1100A)
   Web-based Wi-Link Network Manager 
  • Clean, compact, and intuitive user interface design.
  • Wizard-like configuration process.
  • Current settings and status info are shown right on the first page.
  • While changing the configuration parameters of a WIASA, the user or administrator will be warned if invalid parameter values are entered.
  • The user can easily identify the settings changes he has made.

Wi-Link BroadBand Router application drawings and specs


Product/Pricing Information
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